Under the Gunn – Episode 12

For the penultimate UtG episode, the theme was Superhero Fashion. The designers were to use inspiration from Marvel superheros to design a wearable look. Oscar chose Gamora as his muse and he was off to Mood to choose fabric.

The final result? Fabulous!

This three piece outfit is totally wearable and classic! The coat is made of felt but looks like an expensive wool.

Oscar was the clear winner of this episode and Asha should have been sent home – all three mentors would still have been in the finale – but instead the judges (or the network?!?) decided that the Final Four designers would ALL be competing for the championship. Not only that, but no winner was selected for this episode and no prizes were given. A bit of a letdown, really.

Who will win the competition? My bet is on Oscar, with Shan coming in second and Sam third. Asha should have gone home long ago, but since no one asked me, there she is.

Nick’s Take can be found here.

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