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Under the Gunn

Did  you see last night’s episode? Our favorite designer, Natalia Fedner, made it through to the next challenge.

The assignment was “Hollywood Glamour” and the designers were to create a Red Carpet look that will be worn on the red carpet and photographed for Marie Claire. In a day. Quite a feat and some of the designs fell short with designers trying to make it too complicated and not being able to complete their looks in the time allotted.

Natalia’s submission hit the mark, IMHO:

EP 3Classic, elegant, totally wearable. The styling was understated and tasteful, but the back of the dress had some construction problems:

EP 3-2She would have been fine, but Nick was micromanaging and making “suggestions.” You could see the panic on her face as she was overwhelmed with information. She was doing fine, Nick! This particular challenge is what she DOES, for the love of all that’s holy!

In the end, she was neither in the top nor the bottom and was dismissed from the runway with no critique from the judges.

Whew! She did a great job with all the distractions and a very tight timeline and we only hope Nick takes a step back and lets her get on with it already!

Newport Spin-In

It’s that most wonderful time of year! What? No, not the Holidays. Saturday marks the first Fiber Fest of 2014!

Newport Spin-in HalfThis event is held every year in Newport, Oregon as a fund raiser for the Yaquina Fiber Arts Guild and also hosts the NWRSA Winter board meeting.

Last year there were 197 attendees spinning in chairs arranged in circles that covered the Newport Middle School gym floor and flowed out into the lobby. There will be food vendors and fiber of all kinds for sale if you are in need of Stash Enhancement. I will be there with Awana selling a variety of spinning fibers and accessories as well as some yummy alpaca from Maurine at Knitty Gritty/Alpaca Alley.

Get a jump start on your fiber projects and reconnect with all your fiber friends at the Newport Spin-In!

Very soon Shearing Season will be upon us and fresh fleece will be available up and down the Valley as local shepherds shear the sheep before lambing starts, marking the beginning of the Fiber Festival season. Stay tuned for updates and info about the Festivals happening in my neck of the woods.


Just a few hints about upcoming projects:


Yarn Bowl idea…




Soft flannel pillowcases in the making…

Meanwhile, preparations for the Newport Spin-In are proceeding a bit slower than I’d like, but what can ya do? Three hundred ideas, only 24 hours in the day…

Almost Famous!

Thursday was incredibly busy after a very busy Wednesday. Heck, the whole week has been non-stop running in the very best way. Lots of new ideas and projects in the hopper for upcoming events and hopefully the website will be up in the next week or two. Sleep? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Last night I shut down the computer after putting out a few fires so I could get the last 10 rounds done on the sock for class today. It was 9:00 PM and I turned on the TV for some soothing distraction and what did I find but Tim Gunn’s new Project Runway spin-off Under the Gunn. I had looked at the cable listings and thought it was on at 10:00 – too late for me to stay up – and had planned to catch it today or Saturday. Boy, am I glad I decided to watch!

If you aren’t familiar with it, Under the Gun brings three Project Runway winners (Anya, Mondo and Nick) back to mentor a group of designers through Project Runway type challenges. Last night was the first episode and eight designers were tested to see if they could impress the mentors enough to be chosen for their team – each mentor gets to choose four designers.

Imagine my surprise to see Natalia Fedner among the designers! You might recall that I spun some angora rabbit yarn for her line back when the weather was somewhat warmer than witches’ boobs in brass bras. Here she is wearing my yarn –

Can I get a squeeeee?!? Okay, the yarn is only embellishment, but hey, it was on TV. Not only that, but they showed pictures from each designers portfolio on the show. That’s right! A picture of my yarn was in the same room with Anya, Mondo and Nick! On TV!! Tim Gunn actually LOOKED AT something I spun!!!

Yes, yes, I know that no one looked at my yarn and thought to themselves, “Gee, I wonder where Natalia got that fabulous yarn? Maybe I can contact the person who made it and have her make me some that I will buy for a gazillion dollars and make her rich and famous…” but it could happen, right?

So, yeah. I was almost on TV last night. Natalia made it through to the next round so maybe we’ll see more of my yarn on the runway.

Go Natalia!

Sock Knitting in 2014

The knitting blogs are all atwitter about the hottest trend for 2014 – Sock Knitting. I’ve been knitting socks for years, and at last I’ll be on the cutting edge of a trend!

Knittingsarah has proposed a KAL for 2014 – to knit on a sock every day all year long, starting January 15.

The goal of this KAL is to condition ourselves to incorporate sock knitting into our every day lives.

Now that sounds like a resolution I can keep! There was a time when I had a sock project with me at all times and I knit at least a pair of socks a month. When did that change? My sock drawer looks nothing like Susan B. Anderson’s and I hope to remedy that this year with pairs and pairs of wonderful new socks.

I’m sure there will be many popular sock patterns and separate KALs for them, but I will be strong and design my own patterns. There are three or four in the queue at the moment, so inspiration is near at hand, as is a pretty good supply of yarn.

Coincidentally, I will be teaching my first sock class at Knitty Gritty this afternoon. It’s been some years since I last taught. It’s like riding a bike, right? The patterns are printed and all I have left to do is put yarn and needles into a bag of some sort and get cracking!

First FO of 2014

While I was unable to stay up to see the ball drop, I did get up early (Thanks, Revy, for the 0530 wake-up call. Not.) and finish the binding on the newest Strings quilt. I laid it out on the couch, turned my back to get the camera and this happened:


Crazy Helper Dog testing for comfort

I snapped the above picture and told Sabu to get down. As the words left my mouth, this happened:


Who runs this show, anyway?

Sigh. The inmates are obviously running the asylum. No worries, though, the quilt hadn’t yet been washed and no harm was done.

After washing, all of the layers have settled nicely together and the quilt is surprisingly lofty and warm – I had expected the string blocks to weigh it down a bit, but it’s just wonderful and the perfect size for napping on the couch.

Now to go Stash diving to decide what the next Studio project will be. What fun!