Under the Gunn – Finale

What a disappointment the UtG finale was! There was plenty of time for ads, promotions, a re-cap of the prizes, and drivel from the “surprise” judges, but precious little time to show the designers, their assistants, advice from the mentors and the creations of each collection. The editing was choppy, irritating and not nearly enough about the designers or their designs.

I was expecting something more in line with Project Runway finales, maybe even a double episode, but no. For instance, on PR, for the final challenge designers who have been eliminated come back and assist the finalists in creating and sewing a mini collection. UtG was similar in that each designer had one former team mate come back to assist, but other than a few glimpses of the eliminated designers we saw nothing of them and that was, IMHO, a mistake. Some of the most entertaining moments on PR are the conflicts between the eliminated designers and the finalists.

Oscar got the well deserved win and he and Nick were obviously over the moon about the win. Oscar’s collection:

UTG01-ep13-episode45While it was an expansion of some of his “best of” looks, every one was better than the original and overall it was a very cohesive collection, deserving of the judges’ praise.

While she wasn’t really shown on the episode, Natalia was there assisting and cheering Oscar to the finish line:

Natalia_Nick_OscarOverall I was disappointed with UtG and if it comes back for a second season I hope they hire some new editors and give us more of what we love the most about Project Runway.

Nick’s Take can be found here.

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