Monthly Archives: September, 2013


It seems I spend half the week recovering from the weekend, and I don’t even have a good party story to share! It’s hell getting old…

Lil’ Dude (aka Revy, aka LD) is growing like a weed and has been scheduled for his Procedure on Wednesday. Awana stayed with LD and Sabu yesterday while I attended VegFest in Portland with Roxy to hand out vegan dog biscuit samples.


Paradise is a box full of newspaper!

Sabu was a perfect angel. Awana thinks she’s depressed…LD, on the other hand, managed to scratch Awana, spill litter and newspaper all over the floor and take out a curtain rod in his exuberant sideways-on-the-wall dashes fore and aft. All. day. long. Many, many thanks to Auntie Awana for taking on this challenge and coming out the victor!

Today has been quiet, all of us exhausted from yesterday and wanting nothing more than a nap. Even LD has been sacked out most of the day. I will lock him in the back room if he insists on being up all night.

Fibery news to follow…