Under the Gunn – Episode 11

Only a couple more episodes to go and Season One of UtG will be history. Who will win? Since Natalia was sent home, we here at SODesigns are rooting for Oscar and he performed last week in a very big way.

The challenge was to create a look for a “real” client and the look of horror on a couple of the designers’ faces was very telling. I find it amazing that at this point in the competition they are so surprised to find themselves asked to make clothes for actual people instead of hanger-skinny models.

Oscar, however, was not at all intimidated. His client, a very petite blond pixie, is a pageant contestant and lamented that she can never find a gown that fits and doesn’t make her look like a child – right up Oscar’s alley! He delivered his most amazing gown yet:

Dani did a pageant walk down the runway and it was obvious she loved her gown. The color was wonderful, the sewing and styling were perfect and Oscar should have walked away with the win.

The emerald green gown fit like a glove, Dani looked like an Amazon and the details were astounding. Oscar turned his tiny client into a statuesque queen and she was over the moon. Oscar delivered exactly what she wanted, which was the goal of this challenge, yes?

Not according to the judges. They were all like, “Yawn. Yes, Oscar, you can make a gown. Big deal. You should have taken some risks and done something different. You’re safe because we’re bored.”

I was stunned. Yes, he made a gown, but they totally ignored the fact that he made his client very happy by creating the look she asked for.

Blake ended up going home even though his client was happy with his creation. Asha submitted another badly sewn outfit, but her client was happy with the results and she ended up in second place. Whatever.

Nick’s Take can be found here.

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