Having reached my mid-forties (how did that happen?!?) without meeting my goals in life (or even coming close,) I have jettisoned the Toxic People who were occupying all of my precious Creating Time and am starting over, reaching for my dreams and living life by my own Rules.

Here you will find projects relating to my One True Love: the fiber arts. Unable to be monogamous, said projects will span many subjects: fiber  processing (mostly wool,) hand spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving, sewing and quilting, embroidery and even a bit of crochet interspersed with pattern design, recipes and philosophical ramblings about Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness. And a dog. Must not forget about the dog.

Because one little blog can’t contain all of the wonder that is Sofia Leo, links will soon appear that will share with you the other rooms in my life, rooms that you might find interesting to explore – life is too short to only do one thing.

Many of the initial posts will be taken from my “old” blogs that are no longer being updated. I hope you don’t mind – I’ve written some stuff that I find interesting, and if the stats are to be believed, some few readers find them interesting, too. Eventually those old blogs will be deleted in the interest of severing all ties to the little box the Toxic People tried to fit me into.

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