Under the Gunn

Did  you see last night’s episode? Our favorite designer, Natalia Fedner, made it through to the next challenge.

The assignment was “Hollywood Glamour” and the designers were to create a Red Carpet look that will be worn on the red carpet and photographed for Marie Claire. In a day. Quite a feat and some of the designs fell short with designers trying to make it too complicated and not being able to complete their looks in the time allotted.

Natalia’s submission hit the mark, IMHO:

EP 3Classic, elegant, totally wearable. The styling was understated and tasteful, but the back of the dress had some construction problems:

EP 3-2She would have been fine, but Nick was micromanaging and making “suggestions.” You could see the panic on her face as she was overwhelmed with information. She was doing fine, Nick! This particular challenge is what she DOES, for the love of all that’s holy!

In the end, she was neither in the top nor the bottom and was dismissed from the runway with no critique from the judges.

Whew! She did a great job with all the distractions and a very tight timeline and we only hope Nick takes a step back and lets her get on with it already!

2 responses

  1. Sigh…..I just love fashion! It was a great, simple design!

    1. Classic, right? At least she made it through safe.

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