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Weekly Update – Issue One

I’m having a lot of trouble composing regular posts for this here blog. Time is just flying by, the ideas and inspiration coming fast and furious. I find myself with no time at the end of the day to even get the laundry and dishes washed, much less compose a coherent blog post! These updates will (hopefully) fill in the blanks between FOs and document some important ideas before they are lost to the ether. I do read back over past posts on occasion 🙂

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERALast weekend found Sabu and I in Yachats with some free time. We walked on several beaches, including this particular spot where the sand appeared to be black. Upon closer inspection I discovered that it wasn’t sand at all but tiny little stones, worn smooth by the sea. I took several pictures and collected some especially pretty samples for inspiration later. It was warm behind the rocks and Sabu decided to lay on her back while I mucked about taking pictures and sifting through the fascinating rocks.

The weather was perfect and I got some great pictures which I’ll post tomorrow.

Awana came over and we did some Project Planning. Whenever we get together the new ideas flow fast and furious. Thankfully I take notes 🙂

The regular Wednesday night gathering at Knitty Gritty was even more exciting than usual. Kristin brought a hooked rug to work on and was instantly besieged with questions. Silly girl! She thought since the majority of us bring knitting or crochet projects to work on that we would have no interest in rug hooking. Ha ha! By the time it was over she had agreed to teach a two-day class and had six signed up. More on that when it happens in May.

Thursday was Laundry Day and I spent the evening at the Laun-dro-mat, washing fabric, felting sweaters and washing clothes for like three hours 😦 It’s all done now, but I hate such an ordinary thing taking so much valuable time.

Many new ideas swirling around my head and I hope to bring them to fruition soon. I’ve always been interested in rug hooking but figured it wouldn’t fit into my already tight “hobby” schedule. Now that I know someone who can guide me, well, it’s become a bit of an obsession. Being a drafter by trade, it just seems logical to design my own patterns and fill Towanda with hand made rugs. I may have lost my mind (again) but it feels like a good fit with the other things I like to do and there’s plenty of wool fabric in The Stash that can be dyed and used up. Seems like kismet, right?

Don’t tell me if you think I’m crazy 🙂

Busy, busy, busy!


Endorsement Kitty is ready for his close-up!

Although nothing much is happening here on the blog (what second OFFF post?!?) preparations are moving forward for a Craft Event next month. Details later.

At the request of the Knotty Knitters, I have finally re-knit and worked up the pattern for my very favorite cabled neck warmer. The pattern is available for free download on Ravelry. It’s still in rough, abbreviated form, but will soon be updated with charts and more comprehensive instructions. It was screaming to be released into the wild and I could do nothing but comply. There will be a matching hat and gauntlets in the near future, so stay tuned.

Tonight after the weekly get together at Knitty Gritty, Mr. Nosey, Crazy Helper Dog and I will be getting ready for the Great Soap Making Marathon of 2013. This entails fishing all of the equipment and ingredients out from under the kitchen sink, finding a place to stash them out of the way for a day or two while some sort of kitten-proof set-up is devised to house the curing bars.

The soap will then be made (after some recipe research – we never make the same batches from year to year) and set aside to cure for 4-6 weeks until it’s ready for use. The whole place will smell like a French bordello, but there’s nothing to be done about that. No pain, no gain.

It’s slightly more complicated than staging a war on three continents because Revy is Very Determined to have his way and his way is Into Everything. No matter what. Nothing will stop him. Laundry day is a nightmare and he has taken to hiding my (dirty) wool socks.

My new studio space is rumored to be available on November 1, so expect a Moving Day post and some pictures of the space once it’s all set up. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll post pics as soon as I can get in there to see the space in person. I am over the moon about finally having a place to let my creativity run rampant with no one to put a damper on it. Who knows what might happen?

All this as the leaves turn and fall and the weather gets cooler. The last week has been chilly but sunny every day after morning fog and I am loving it! The soft light is perfect for photos, but I have been inside the office during the short daylight hours, so you will have to wait for another day.

And with that, I must be off. Happy Knitting!


There’s never enough!

Time, that is.

The upcoming weekend promises to be very busy. Crazy Helper Dog, Sabu, and I will be traveling to the Coast to take photos, update websites, drop off a spinning wheel and replace a vanity sink.

In order to update the websites, pictures must be taken, edited, filed, uploaded, etc. etc. etc.

About a dozen bobbins must be emptied, the spinning wheel cleaned and oiled, accessories gathered together and packed into a travel container of some sort and the whole kit readied for travel.

The sink replacement will be done on the fly because you can never really predict what parts you need or what complications may arise – travel trailers are notorious for not being built “to spec.”

Seventeen errands must be run before, during and after all of these other trips and of course there is always laundry, vacuuming and dishes to be washed. Plants must be watered and tended before being abandoned for two days (harvested the first ripe tomato just the other day!) and Towanda has her little quirks and shut-down procedures to attend to.

The dog should have a bath, too.

Whew! No time for sock knitting unless I can figure out how to do it while I sleep. No time to play with the new wheel, either 😦

I was lamenting my lack of time this morning as Sabu was barking (yet again! What is it with that dog?) at the neighborhood beagle during our morning walk, trying to decide what to do after work (it’s Knit Night and I will be going, schedule be damned!) wondering how  many things can be dropped off the list with no consequences, irritated that my Real Job takes up so much of my time. But not complaining, really, I love my job and know how blessed I am to have it.

The Boss was in his office when I stopped in to get today’s assignment.

“I don’t have anything for you at the moment…” he started, looking around at the paper stacked high upon his desk.

“It’s okay – I have some work from The Other Boss that I can do,” I replied.

“How much work? A day, a couple of days?”

“Today for sure. I don’t know what else he has for me; he left for a hunting trip and I think he’s gone for a couple of weeks,” I said.

“Good! I’ll be out of the office tomorrow and Friday…” he’s not finishing his sentences, so I know this is my cue to ease his mind.

“Does that mean I have tomorrow off?” I asked gleefully. “I would love to come in and use the internet if that’s okay, and finish up the work for The Other Boss.”

He is visibly relieved. “That sounds good!”

Okie-dokie! I knew when I took the job that it might not be full time. The Boss and The Other Boss (it’s a long story) verbally promised to keep me busy full time between the two of them if I would move back to The Valley. At the time, they were expecting a couple of big jobs to come in that would have kept me busy for a year or more, but those jobs have not materialized and I know The Boss is worried that I will jump ship.

Anyway. The upshot is that I have whatever is left of today after I get the work done for The Other Boss, all day tomorrow and half of Friday to get the stuff done that I really want to do 🙂 How’s that for a great start to the weekend!?!?