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Catching Up

The Summer of 2015 has been the busiest yet in this little Oregon town.

Remember the fleece sale back in February? Well, we hauled all that alpaca and wool off to the Snow Peak Fiber Mill here in Lebanon, Oregon and Kathy worked her magic and turned it into 36 pounds of the most wonderful sliver for spinning –

Sliver CollageClockwise from upper left: light gray, dark gray, creamy white and dark brown. Please forgive the crappy cell phone pics – more will be added as we start to spin up all this wool-y goodness!

Not pictured is a creamy/gold batch that has a bit of Honey Silk added.

And here is my personal favorite –

BlackjackBlack fleece is impossible to photograph, so you’ll have to trust me when I say that this alpaca fleece is as black as black can be – not a hint of red highlights or a brown tip to be found. Blackjack’s fleece was combined with a 20% dyed black bamboo and 10% dyed black superfine Merino for a sliver that is, well, let’s just say I doubt I’ll be sharing this batch with anyone else 🙂 JK, girls! I might have some to spare after I spin enough for a sweater for myself…Maybe.

The Sweatshop Girls have all been very busy this Summer, hence the lack of posts. We made a trip over the mountains and met some new friends, leading to a Great Fiber Adventure that I’ll be writing about very soon.

We also had a Dye Day (where, oh where, did I stash those photos?) and have been making soap, as time and weather allow, for the Holiday craft shows coming up very soon.

I’ve also started a blog for The Sweatshop Girls and hope to entice Awana and Jean into posting because this isn’t all about me. Really 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates and some current events – the weather has turned here and Autumn is on her way, “forcing” us to come inside as dusk comes earlier every day and bake bread, spin and knit late into the evening…

Epic Fiber Haul


A chilly walk above the beach near Yachats. Down below was a woman throwing sticks for a very happy Doberman. Sabu wanted to join in, but we had no way to get down to them.

Sigh. It’s becoming a Regular Thing, this stash acquisition. I don’t set out to make it happen, really I don’t, but it does, every time.

You see, I left for the Coast on Friday, car filled with stuff to give to other people, including the spinning wheel for Rebeccca, and somehow came back with even more stuff! I drove away from Towanda with the very best of intentions, I swear!

What was the haul?

  • Food. The Saturday Market in Newport was overflowing with lovely veggies that just begged to go home with me.
  • One gallon of Pomace for soap making.
  • A huge bag of large-ish wool fabric remnants from Elise that will be made into cute tote bags and maybe a vest or tunic or two.
  • One unwashed but quite clean Romney/Corridale fleece in a lovely shade of gray/brown, also from Elise. It’s old, so it may not be salvageable, but I’m gonna give it a try.
  • One unwashed, old and fairly dirty “medium wool” fleece, also from Elise. It has yellowed a bit with age so I plan to dye it as is, washing as I go to save a step. Tutorial coming right up!
  • One small bag of unwashed, older Romney fleece in a light gray with sunburnt tips (my personal Kryptonite) also from Elise.
  • Various bits of fabric from Awana, one of which is a lovely Art Deco inspired piece of coarse linen for crewel embroidery, wool yarn included! I plan to work an outline stitch on the piece and use it as a curtain if it will fit.
  • Four balls of fine wool top that are actually mine but were being stored at Awana’s because I didn’t think I would be spinning any fine stuff for awhile, but now that I have a wheel that prefers to spin fine I find myself needing more fiber to fondle. You know how it is, I’m sure 🙂
  • A super-cool wool drying rack that Awana spied at a local Goodwill that works a treat – pics of it in use to follow.
  • The last fabric bin (Cordura and heavy fabrics) left in storage at Awana’s. Needed for bags very soon.
  • Two boxes with lids, one box with no lid and a decorative tin that I found at Jo-Ann’s and simply had to have for photo props.
  • Two yards of fusible fleece for bag projects, four yards of sticky-back velcro for Stuff Curtains and a yard and a half of double-wide bleached muslin for dish towels. The first two items were what I was actually walking into Jo-Ann’s for in the first place. Thank goodness they were closing or who knows what I might have bought!

All of this in addition to the typical Stuff I take with me whenever I go visiting over night. And the dog, of course, who was not at all happy to have to share the back seat with my Stuff.

But we made it home safe and sound and got most of the stuff unloaded from the car. It looks like I’m becoming that Crazy Lady with garbage stacked under her trailer because of the bags of wool – need to remedy that in a hurry or someone will be sayin’ something about it.

Whew! What a busy, wild weekend, but so much fun!