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Craft Faire in Roseburg

The Sweatshop Girls were in Roseburg over the weekend at the Douglas County Fairgrounds for the Business and Professional Women Craft Fair. It was a very long, but very productive weekend.

Being the official Spokes Dog for the Sweatshop Girls, Sabu had a prime spot after setup on Friday night –

20141031_212123It was a lovely time and we met many fantastic people, including roughly half the members of the Umpqua Weavers and Spinners Guild. We’re planning a day trip some time soon after the Holidays to visit all our new friends and acquire some fiber for next year’s projects. Oh, yes, we do have some big plans!

The show was well attended and we hear the Christmas Show is even busier. Maybe next year 🙂 Our lovely sewn bags got their fair share of attention, but sadly (or maybe not so sadly – we’re rather attached to them) we brought them all home with us –

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAA shawl and two hand-knit hats went to new homes and the soap and lotions were popular.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the things we’ll have on display at the next show –

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe have a nice selection of handspun yarns and the Break-all-the-Rules hat in kit form with pattern and handspun yarns –

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe have handmade goat’s milk soaps and lotions as well as gifts for the knitter or spinner in your life.

If you’re in the Yachats, OR area next weekend, stop by the Crafts on the Coast Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair. Held each year at Yachats Commons, Hwy 101 & W 5th, the hours are Saturday 10 a.m. -5 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. -4 p.m.

No trip to a new town is complete without a stop at the local dog park. Happy Tails did not disappoint –

Happy Tails RoseburgIt’s a lovely park in a wooded setting with many oak trees and old fire hydrants scattered throughout. Sabu appreciated the hilly terrain and numerous trees to pee around – Happy Tails Roseburg 2The bricks were inscribed with the names of beloved pets and were a nice touch –

Happy Tails Roseburg 3We stayed at the dog-friendly Windmill Inn, which was just lovely! We recommend it if you’re visiting the area or just passing through.

Now we recover and get ready for next week’s show!

First Show of the Season!

lEGION sALEThe Holiday Season is upon us and the Sweatshop Girls will be in Newport tomorrow at Legion Post 116. If you’re in the area, stop by and say “hey!” while you check out the local crafters!

Midsummer Spin In & Fiber Faire

The Sweatshop Girls* will be at the Spin In at the Wren Community Hall on Saturday from o’dark-thirty until 4:00 with stuff to sell –

Wren FlyerThe Sweatshop has been humming with activity these past two weeks and more and we have some fabulous New Stuff for your fiber needs:

  • Cotton storage bags for your washed wool – these are fantastic for storage: pack your washed sheep’s wool tight (don’t worry, it won’t felt) pull the drawstring and store in a copier paper box. You’ll be amazed how much you can fit into one box. A handy clear window on the bag provides an easy way to add a label. I’ve stored washed wool this way for years and it was in perfect condition for further processing after a little bit of fluffing. No worries about moths or condensation, either, provided you keep the boxes dry and inspect periodically.
  • Nylon storage bags for those fibers that stick to cloth bags – alpaca, angora, silk, etc. The seams are on the outside so there’s nothing for your fiber to snag on – just upend and dump, no wasted time (or fiber) left in the bag and you don’t have to use plastic and worry about condensation problems.
  • Our handspun yarns will be in the handspun yarn tent – come see what we’ve been talking about!
  • We’ll have a lovely selection of raw alpaca fiber for sale in pretty much every color alpacas come in, from white to almost-black (I kept the one True Black for myself and I’m not even sorry 🙂 ) and every shade in between.
  • Knitting patterns, blank greeting cards, stitch markers and stuff I can’t remember right now…

The SOD team has expanded to include Awana, who is learning all about fabric, sewing and cutting and using her powerful sense of color, texture and matching** to drum card some yummy batts for your next spinning or felting project:

AwanaAnd Jeanie who brings a breath of fresh creativity, mad organizational skillz*** and artist’s sensibilities, rounding out the perfect Design Trio we are becoming:

JeanieYou can find us under the black pop-up somewhere on the grounds outside – look for the red handspun shawl hanging from the awning. We’ll probably be the women laughing the loudest…

* The Studio is quite hot in the evenings right now. Even with fans, we’re all sweating, hence the new moniker. Of course, we’re also not getting paid, so in that sense the name also fits 🙂

** Awana has strong ideas about what “goes together,” something I’ve been told I lack. Letting her have at it and match fabrics and colors has really amped up our product quality.

*** Jeanie used to be an event planner and has an inherent need for a Schedule, a Plan, a Method of Attack – something sorely lacking here at SOD. Stay tuned for pictures of the new white board 🙂

Newport Spin-In

It’s that most wonderful time of year! What? No, not the Holidays. Saturday marks the first Fiber Fest of 2014!

Newport Spin-in HalfThis event is held every year in Newport, Oregon as a fund raiser for the Yaquina Fiber Arts Guild and also hosts the NWRSA Winter board meeting.

Last year there were 197 attendees spinning in chairs arranged in circles that covered the Newport Middle School gym floor and flowed out into the lobby. There will be food vendors and fiber of all kinds for sale if you are in need of Stash Enhancement. I will be there with Awana selling a variety of spinning fibers and accessories as well as some yummy alpaca from Maurine at Knitty Gritty/Alpaca Alley.

Get a jump start on your fiber projects and reconnect with all your fiber friends at the Newport Spin-In!

Very soon Shearing Season will be upon us and fresh fleece will be available up and down the Valley as local shepherds shear the sheep before lambing starts, marking the beginning of the Fiber Festival season. Stay tuned for updates and info about the Festivals happening in my neck of the woods.

Craft Fair Aftermath

The craft show is over, the bins packed up until next time and wow am I tired!

Thursday was spent in the Studio (after a promised trip to the dog park where Sabu was run into the ground by two young dogs. Is she finally slowing down at the grand old age of six?) sewing as much as time and energy allowed for the sale. I had this silly notion that we wouldn’t have very much to display and what would happen if we (gasp!) sold out?


Wool tote bags in Oregon Beaver colors (the Civil War game was played on Friday) beside my knitting patterns


Wool mice stuffed with fleece and catnip – quite a success!

The car was packed Thursday night and I tried to get some sleep. Excitement and Revy the Wonder Kitty kept me awake and I contemplated leaving earlier than my scheduled departure of 0600, but a last minute snooze made us late instead. Oh, well.

The Fair officially opened at noon, but the website said 1000 so there were plenty of early birds checking out the wares. The atmosphere was festive and I think everyone had a good time. I sold a lot of soap, which was a bit surprising, seeing as how the biggest local soapmakers were there.


Cute tags, no?

Awana and I invited some friends to have stuff at our tables and the result was a wonderful representation of the Fiber Arts:


Knitting patterns and lace bookmark kits


Shetland roving from Goat Knoll Farm in Dallas and beaded stitch markers from Kristin at Black Kat Beading


Hand dyed Angora bunny fluff!


Romney fleece for spinning from Culver Family Farm  in Corvallis and Awana’s lovely crocheted pieces – look for patterns from her soon!


To the left are Elise’s nuno felted hats and Awana’s carded batts for spinning.


Our tables were located just inside one of the entrances so we got a lot of traffic.

Also on hand (but sadly not pictured) were Beth’s lovely hand knitted hats and scarves. It was a community effort and I think we all did well.

It’s difficult for me to spend two days socializing and selling to the public – I feel like I’m on display and someone is filming me or something, ready to share all of my embarrassing (in my mind at least) moments with the world.

At the end of the day Saturday we packed it all up and loaded the cars down for the return trip. I drove back over the mountains Sunday morning, rain chasing me out of Newport. A few errands and a trip by the Studio to drop off the sale stuff for storage and we arrived home at last.

The weather last night was windy and wild, marked by nearly losing Towanda’s awning and a night full of rockin’ and rollin’ to the sound of rain pounding down on the tin roof. Much colder temps are forecast for tonight and the following week, so I better get to work on some quilts and insulation projects. And do laundry – clean clothes are a Good Thing. Vacuuming is also a Good Thing.

Posting on the Crazy Knitting Project will begin tomorrow. Here’s a teaser:


Revy in his role as Knitting Inspector. So far he has been pretty respectful of the Knitting. Sorry about your yarn that one time, Awana 😦