Busy Summer!

It’s been a Crazy Summer so far. Obviously blogging has fallen by the wayside.

Events not blogged about (yet):

  • Columbia Gorge Fiber Fest
  • Rug Hooking class
  • Revy’s rubber fetish
  • Dentist visits
  • Alpaca shearing
  • Long Draw Spinning class
  • Black Sheep Gathering
  • Sabu’s new haircut
  • Trailer repairs/remodels
  • Alpaca fleece tumbler
  • Mom’s yard sale
  • Visits to various Cool Places
  • Sabu and Sleep-away camp
  • Various and sundry new projects being planned or underway

Whew! I have a lot of ground to catch up on!

We’ll be back later today to start crossing things off the above list. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up better in future. Lots of irons in the fire!

One response

  1. Good you are busy—“keeps you out of trouble”! Ha!!!!

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