The Opal X-Large socks are finished!

Opal Socks

Actually they’ve been done for almost a week, but I wasn’t able to get a picture of them to post.

Opal yarns were all the rage ten or so years ago, and I even knit a few pairs, but the only option was sock-weight and 72 stitches per round on US #1 needles is not something I can knit quickly – I never fell in love with it. I much prefer thicker socks that can be knit in a few days. Or less. I’m an Instant Gratification sort of gal when it comes to my socks 🙂

Lemme just say that Opal X-Large is a delight to work with. The colorways are lovely and who can resist a yarn that makes its own patterns while the knitter cruises along, knitting on auto-pilot? It’s a little splitty, but nice and soft to knit. If it wears as well as the original Opal it will have been a great investment. I’ve already bought yarn for the next pair and am contemplating some sort of simple allover texture pattern to add a little variety.

I’ve always loved a plain stockinette sock for my own use and because of that generally save sock knitting for those times I want a “mindless” project, but lately everyone around me is knitting something a bit more…fancy isn’t quite the word I’m looking for, but you know what I mean – something more than Plain Vanilla socks, and I can feel the tide of peer pressure lapping at my toes…

I’ve left the socks at Knitty Gritty on display for the moment along with some hats until more of the Regulars get swatches and items knit up. I imagine it will be a rotating group of items for a long time to come.

ChainLinkIn other sock-related news, the first of my “old” sock patterns has been updated and is now for sale on the website and on Ravelry – I’m SODesigns over there if you want to add me to your friend list 🙂

Looking over the “old” designs it’s clear that some of them will need to be knit again so I can take better photographs – what seemed Just Fine then is Outdated and Boring today. A few of the ladies at Knit Night have volunteered to knit samples for me and I guess that means I can procrastinate no longer – gotta get moving on that project.

Keep an eye on the Knitty Gritty Class Schedule if you’re in the area and looking for classes – I’ll be teaching sock knitting, chart reading, knitting lace and maybe a hat class or two.

What class would you take if you could take anything your heart desires?

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