DSCN0478BIL’s quilt was well received on Christmas Day. He loved that it’s Charger colors. Boys are strange. Sis loved that it wasn’t covered in Chargers logos 🙂 Now he has his very own Blankie and can quit stealing hers!

DSCN0500The next quilt is well under way. I spent a couple of hours a day in the Studio piecing together the string blocks sewed up years ago. There was a time I was in love with this method and as I worked with these well-aged blocks, some of that love came back. The box of strips has been sorted and all strips ironed in anticipation of starting another round of blocks some time soon. If the old Elna goes back together as planned, it will be left set up for quilting whenever I have a minute in the Studio.

DSCN0501In the interest of Using Everything Up, this quilt has the same backing as BIL’s quilt above. It’s a soft chambray-like cotton with a narrow white stripe that has a lovely hand. What it’s doing in The Stash I have no idea as I don’t generally sew with striped fabric and there must have been 6 yards of it. Some mysteries will never be solved. Two pillowcases were just eked out of the final piece – more about them later – and there’s just enough left over for some project bags.

The “batting” is the remains of a cotton mattress cover from The House of Mom. It must have fit on a twin sized bed and the final quilt size will be perfect for tossing on the back of the couch. The blue border is from another 6+ yard cut of quilt fabric that has mysterious origins. Maybe I just shopped a bunch of online sales? It must have been a bargain since I bought so much. Still a couple of yards left, but it’s made it to the top of the pile and will be short-listed for future projects.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is having Studio space to work in! I feel so productive when I can walk in, turn on the light, iron and music and get sewing. Or cutting – having a big table dedicated to whatever project for the day is wonderful! The Stash resides in the closet, tools and notions in the main room and everything flows pretty well. I need to get some things hung on the walls, but so far, so good.

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  1. […] The quilt was well received and we all settled down for taco soup, which was fab-u-lous! Even better heated up the next day! […]

  2. Yes, the soup was fab, and your new quilt is great!!!! I can see it now; I just couldn’t grok on it before, but now I see the pattern coming together! Can’t wait to redeem my coupon at the House of Mom!!!!

    Doesn’t it feel good to be productive??? Congrats on the new space!

    1. It feels great to be so productive! Glad you like the looks of the quilt better now that it’s together 🙂 Scrappy Gypsy is the look I’m going for…

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