(Almost) Still life with cat


Notice the red spray bottle in the background. It’s filled with vinegar water and by the end of a typical evening the whole place smells like pickles because Revy WILL NOT BE DETERRED from jumping onto the counter and scratching at the screen door.

When my Sis and I were small, Mom covered a couple of small blankets with patchwork and they became our Favorite Blankies* and we have them still. Measuring about three feet on a side, they’re Just Right for a chilly morning on the couch or as a foot warmer at the end of the day.

My BIL has coveted Sis’ blankie since he’s known her, trying to steal it right off her when they cuddle on the couch. A couple of years ago I promised to make him his own blankie but it was an impossible task because the narc** would not let me sew anything for another man, even if he was family, and the project languished in my mental queue, radiating guilty rays every Christmas. Until now.

I asked Sis for some color inspiration and it turns out BIL is a San Diego Chargers fan. My TV doesn’t even get the pointy-ball game – I am clueless about jersey colors, but thought I could make these work. Oh, sure, she gave me some other options, but the quilt shop didn’t offer up any inspirational combos.

This is just a sneak peak on the off chance he stumbles across this blog. More pictures after the Christmas festivities.

* Some day soon I will peel back the layers on my blankie to reveal the original quilt at the bottom before repairing and re-covering it again.

** You might wonder at the occasional reference to the narc (narcissist) and why I include them in what is essentially a fiber arts blog. I do so because abusive men have shaped me into the strong, independent woman I am today and I never want to forget what years of oppression did to my self-esteem and consequently my crafty mojo. I tell my story to educate other women about domestic violence, to give them the hope that there IS a life outside of an abusive relationship, and to let them know that they are not alone. I can always be reached at sofialeo2013@gmail.com or by PM on Facebook – Sofia Leo.

2 responses

  1. Still life? Only because it was captured digitally! Crafts over men?? Absolutely!! Please enjoy!

    1. Almost because the image is blurred – Revy refused to sit still until 10 seconds after I put the camera away. Typical cat!

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