Bra Making Part Five – The first Success!

From January 2010


As I wrote earlier, Elan #511 didn’t fit right out of the envelope and I decided to copy a RTW that fit well.

I assembled the new bra following the general directions of the Elan pattern with occasional deviations that seemed logical based on my observations of the RTW bra.

And here it is –

The fabrics are all scraps and leftovers (hence the clear straps – the nude strapping I ordered hadn’t arrived yet) and the colors don’t quite match, but this is a muslin and I don’t expect it to be wearable.One thing that really bugs me is the channeling. I ordered some channeling from Sew Sassy that was rather like satin bias binding, nice and soft, it wanted to take on the curved shape of the lower cup with no fighting or bunching up.
Then I placed another order (wanting to be all matchy-matchy with the nude fabric) and I received something else entirely. It’s not at all the same stuff – stiff, wrinkly and not at all fun to work with. I suspect it will be a bit uncomfortable to wear, too. I hope they get the good stuff back in stock!

The fit is pretty good. I really need a piece of clear elastic or twill tape at the top of the lace on the upper cup to prevent over-spillage – the next muslin will not have any lace on the upper cup to test the fit with no give up there. The fit of the cups is almost perfect – just need to take 1/4″ off the very bottom seam and it will be Just Right.

All in all I’m quite happy with the progress this project is making. A couple more muslins and I’ll be ready to cut one of the kits I bought from Summerset!

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